The Comment Period Has Ended

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The 60-day comment period to oppose the proposed rule change to “public charge” has ended. 216,102 total public comments were made to the Federal Register! NOTE: This regulation has not gone into effect. The Department of Homeland Security must review every single unique comment submitted before publishing a final rule. If and when a final rule is published, there will be at least 60 days before it takes effect.

Our Position

Families shouldn’t be punished for accepting help when they need it, no matter where they are from. The proposed Public Charge rule change is fundamentally flawed and can’t be fixed. It should be withdrawn. Oklahoma communities thrive when everyone has the opportunity to build a better life with access to adequate food, housing and medical care.

Our Goal: In order to stop this harmful rule change, this coalition seeks to generate 1,200 public comments to the Federal Register.

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5 Things To Know About Trump’s New ‘Public Charge’ Immigration Proposal, by Shefali Luthra at Kaiser Health News

The proposal “is definitely a dramatic change from how public charge works today,” said Kelly Whitener, an associate professor at Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families who specializes in pediatric health benefits and managed-care systems.

What is Public Charge?

Under current policy, participation in a very narrow range of programs is counted against legal immigrants applying for legal permanent residency. This policy is referred to as “Public Charge”. Under a proposed change, the Public Charge policy would be expanded to include participation in basic programs like SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid (possibly including the Children’s Health Insurance Program), prescription medications under Medicare Part D, and housing assistance.

What Can You Do?

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